Situated in the heart of New York, Pino's Press is spearheaded by a dynamic husband and wife team.  Executive Chef Michael and his wife Maria created Pino's Press out of a love for the culinary arts and their mutual joy of sharing their talents with food enthusiasts and novice cooks alike.  The original recipe blends were created by Chef Michael who utilizes his extensive and varied Culinary Institute of America training and experience to create the unique flavor varieties.  He continues to develop new and exciting flavor profiles for their artisan oil and vinegar products.  Maria is the creative artistic talent behind their original hand drawn and painted labels.  She also works with  companies on private label projects, creates custom artwork and provides consulting services for their logo and label design.  Chef Michael and Maria are dedicated to providing versatile and innovative gourmet condiments and are proud to help you bring flavor back to your table!
Our products are truly hand made through and through right down to the label.  The press on our logo is an original watercolor painting by 
our company President, Maria.  The rendering is one she drew of an heirloom vintage wine press owned by her father Pino, who the company 
is named after hence "Pino's Press".  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them fresh for you!
"Bringing Flavor Back To The Table"

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